The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture (Academic Edition)

Executive Summary of the Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program

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Published February 2020

The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture (Academic Edition)
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About the Book

The study edition of book the Los Angeles Times called, "The most extensive review of U.S. intelligence-gathering tactics in generations."

This is the complete Executive Summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into the CIA's interrogation and detention programs -- a.k.a., The Torture Report.

Based on over six million pages of secret CIA documents, the report details a covert program of secret prisons, prisoner deaths, interrogation practices, and cooperation with other foreign and domestic agencies, as well as the CIA's efforts to hide the details of the program from the White House, the Department of Justice, the Congress, and the American people.
Over five years in the making, it is presented here exactly as redacted and released by the United States government on December 9, 2014, with an introduction by Daniel J. Jones, who led the Senate investigation.

This special edition includes:

Large, easy-to-read format.

Almost 3,000 notes formatted as footnotes, exactly as they appeared in the original report. This allows readers to see obscured or clarifying details as they read the main text.

An introduction by Senate staffer Daniel J. Jones who led the investigation and wrote the report for the Senate Intelligence Committee, and a forward by the head of that committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein.


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